Focus on the Stage You’re In

Though there’s plenty of art to raising a child, there’s some really helpful science, too. And the good news is that children tend to develop in predictable patterns and stages.

Foundation Stage: Pregnant/young infant

Stage 1: Preschool – ages 3-5

Stage 2: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Stage 3: Grade 3 – 4/5

Stage 4: Middle School (Grade 5/6 – grade 8/9)

Stage 5: High School

Stage 6: College and beyond

Understanding your child’s needs during each stage—and easing his or her transition from one to the next—can help you lower stress and avoid unnecessary hiccups.

We sort through the overwhelming amount of research out there to find you the most valuable expert insights, and distill them into simple resources that help you move seamlessly from one stage to the next—and focus on what matters most during each one.

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