Build Your Parenting Foundation

Like any job, being a parent is easier the more prepared you are for it. But being a parent isn’t like any other job! And it can be hard to know how to empower yourself to help your child thrive.

We can help.

Take a moment to ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Do you understand the future your child needs to be prepared for? (We’re not in Kansas anymore!)
  • What’s your parenting style? Are you parenting consistently?
  • Have you established family goals and values?
  • Do you know how to instill the self-worth, hope and empathy your child will need to thrive?
  • Do you know how to care for your own needs? (Do you know what your needs are?)
  • Are you prepared for your child’s six predictable developmental stages?

No new parent should be expected to answer “yes” across the board. But the earlier we start thinking about these things, the more rewarding our journey will be.

After all, the “nesting” we typically do when getting ready to start a family—choosing the right crib, buying diapers, stocking up on Dr. Seuss books—doesn’t actually prepare us to raise a healthy, well-adjusted human being.

To do that, we would all need a quick PhD in human development!

Or (perhaps more realistically), we need the right help in better understanding what we value, assessing what the future has in store and learning how to constantly re-learn—because the moment we master our toddler, she turns into a full-fledged Kindergartener! And it’s back to the drawing board.

Research has shown that prepared parents are one step ahead.  We’ll help you easily anticipate and prepare for the curve balls family life and growing kids will throw your way.

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