Become Well & Ready
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Become Well & Ready

Well & Ready™ helps parents anticipate, prepare for and thoughtfully navigate the journey ahead, empowering them to proactively prepare their children to thrive in the modern world.

The world has changed, research has evolved and things have turned upside down!  Well & Ready’s updated approach to parenting helps you cut through the noise, focus on what matters, and in the end, lower your stress and increase your confidence.

It’s about de-mystifying the process. It’s about proactively assessing the road ahead to avoid parenting reactively as stressful situations arise. It’s about creating an informed, personalized path to parenting confidence and peace of mind.

Our approach embraces four key pillars of proactive parenting:

Building a parenting foundation

Developing the fundamental knowledge and self-awareness you’ll need to ensure a healthy, rewarding parenting experience.

Walking parallel paths

Successfully guiding your child down his or her growth path requires that you maintain solid footing on your own. At the end of the day, in order to care for his or her changing needs, you’ll need to understand, separate and care for your own.

Focusing on the stage you’re in

Children go through six predictable developmental stages.  We help you focus on the unique needs of each one—preparing your child for each successive transition to the next.

Bringing your tribe along

Parenthood is filled with peaks and valleys, and navigating them alone can be tough. We help you build and foster a community of like-minded parents (soon to be BFF’s) who are on this journey with you to exchange ideas, learn new things, celebrate the peaks and provide perspective and support when challenges arise.

To help you implement our approach, we offer systems, tools, resources and expert information that support you step-by-step through each stage and transition of your child’s life.

It all starts with our Parenting Briefs©, which distill important but lengthy or complex information into short and meaningful action—and empower you to stay focused, informed and healthy.

Ready to get started? Sign up and get your free Parenting Brief© today!

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