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Positive Psychology: How People Flourish

mar6marcusDid You Know… there IS a scientifically supported method for reaching your parenting goals!

Brene’ Brown, Martin Seligman, Alfie Kohn, to name a few experts, know what parents really want.  How? They’ve asked.  Thousands of times.  Thousands of parents.  And teachers.  And school administrators.  And others who work with kids.  They’ve asked “what do you really want for your children when they grow up?”.  And they get the same list of adjectives time and time again.  We want our kids to be happy, fulfilled, healthy, kind, engaged, satisfied, loved… in short, we want them to flourish.

There is a scientific study of optimal human functioning called Positive Psychology.  It explains how people flourish.  And, you can incorporate its principles and practices into your Parenting Playbook©. You see, being human means experiencing a wide range of emotions – we are emotional creatures.  The trick is to move through the emotions without getting stuck.

How you ask?  Know yourself.  Learn to help your child know him/her self.

Step 1: Self Awareness – learn how your mind, brain, body works and how it is wired (what are your needs, triggers, reactions, strengths, perceptions)
Step 2: Self Compassion – Understanding yourself will bring about compassion for yourself and others
Step 3: Self-care – Focus on caring for your mind and emotional health in addition to your physical health
Then add a sprinkle of positive psych:
  • Positivity – increase the frequency of positive emotions
  • Engagement – find things that interest you and engage.  Reach the state of flow.
  • Relationships – learn how to develop and nurture positive, authentic, supportive, strong relationships.
  • Meaning – Find purpose and passions, and spend time on them.
  • Achievement – Excel at things that matter to you.

Martin Seligman, PhD, founded the Positive Psychology movement and discipline in the late 1990’s to help the profession of psychology balance its focus on the whole range of human conditions, from pathologies to thriving.  His research has expanded from looking at the science of “Happiness” to studying a broader state of Well-Being or flourishing.  The goal of Positive Psychology is to increase well-being.

If you want your child to flourish in life, adopt positive psychology practices.  Help your child learn who he is and what makes him tick.  Then incorporate practices into your life and parenting arsenal that increase your ability to care for his emotional health.

Be well,

Sarah & Susan