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Ever feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to parenting?  Sort of reacting to each situation, and hoping that it’ll all work out in the end?  If so, that’s normal.  After all, the only “training” one typically gets for parenting is the example your parents set for you, supported only by the brief hospital class or doula that taught you how to breathe, and if you were lucky, how to swaddle a squirmy newborn.

If you’d like to be more confident in your parenting, learn the skills you need to create the family life you’d like, and reach your long-term parenting goals, then Well & Ready™ Parent Coaching can help you.

What is the role of a Well & Ready™ coach?

Well & Ready™ coaching helps you learn the parenting skills and practices needed to help you and your children reach your family’s full potential. Parenting is a highly personal and unique vocation.  That’s why no two families are perfectly alike, no two kids are exactly alike, and there is no one-size-fits-all parenting method.  So we developed a process that can help anyone define their family goals and create a personalized, rewarding, joy-filled journey.  Well & Ready™ coaches help you understand your goals and help you develop the knowledge, practices, and relevant skills to reach them.

Well & Ready™ Coaching Areas:

Foundations Coaching

The Foundations coaching program will help you develop a baseline for your Well & Ready™ Parenting journey.  Your coach will help you clarify your parenting goals, family values, your default parenting styles, and learn the basics of becoming Well & Ready™.  This knowledge forms the context for identifying and aligning parenting practices to meet your objectives.

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Connections Coaching

Research has shown that strong connections with others is critical for thriving. Children who have strong connections with parents and siblings do better academically, pursue positive interests, have lower incidences with drugs and alcohol, and have better relationships over their lifetimes than kids without those connections.  Similarly, parents who have strong community connections and strong friendships report feeling happier, more fulfilled, less anxious, loved, and have fewer health issues.

Developing these connections is a skill that is often hard to come by.  Some of us didn’t learn how to connect when we were young.  Real connections are born of trust, presence, and authentic engagement.  How do you do that with a 3-year-old?  Or a teen who hides in her room or seems to be solely interested in her fiends and disdainful of her family?

Well & Ready™ Connections Coaching helps you learn how to connect with your children so they feel safe, loved, and open to your support, guidance, and love.  Yes, even the teens might just re-engage.

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Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness – or being fully present with intention– is one of the hallmarks of the Well & Ready™ Parenting approach.  Being mindful is what enables you to become thoughtful, deliberate, and responsive rather than unintentional and reactive.

Learn the mindfulness practices that help you and your children become calm, focused and happy.

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Transitions Coaching

Kids grow through six predictable stages.  Just when you feel like you’ve got your child all figured out, she grows into a new stage, and you’re back to scratching your head, wondering what to do now.

Yes, kids grow and your job is to steer and support.  To do that, it’s helpful to know the roadway ahead.  While your child’s school may be preparing him for the academic transition, who is preparing him for the social and emotional landscape?  And who’s preparing you for what’s just ahead?

Well & Ready™ Transitions coaching helps you anticipate, prepare for, and smoothly navigate the next stage in your child’s life – complete with the twists and turns… even the pot holes along the way.

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