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Parenting is full of transitions, one after the next.  Ensuring a successful, smooth transition for both you and your child takes a little preparation, a few new skills, and some new practices in your hip pocket.  

Kids go through six predictable transitions before they are up and out of the nest:

  1. Into pre-school
  2. Into elementary school
  3. Into 3rd grade (yep, it’s a transition!)
  4. Into middle school
  5. Into high school
  6. Into their first job or college
Get ready today.
  • Transition into pre-school.  Going to school for the first time represents a fundamental shift for a child – and for you.  It’s a shift from a world focused on “Me” to a world focused on “We”.  Learn the basic developmental milestones, and what you can do to help your transition into pre-school go as smoothly as their first bite of ice cream!
  • Transition into Elementary School.  Moving up from pre-k to Kindergarten or 1st grade is a really big step in the life of a child.  And, that means it’s a big step for you too.  Learn how to prepare yourself (and your child) for that transition.

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Being present is important.   It’s how wellness begins in your body, it’s how acceptance starts in you and it’s the most important thing we can mirror as parents!

  • When you learn how to apply mindfulness skills with your children and family, you are better able to respond to your children in deliberate ways.  You are more thoughtful, calm, and ultimately effective at helping your children through the ups and downs of their day.  You will feel more confident and in control. And the best part is that being present more often means you won’t miss the special tiny moments along the way.  

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