Why Well & Ready

Why Well & Ready

Parenting in today’s world is tough.  let me count - no learn more

Parenting was never “easy” (just ask your mother), but the challenges you face today are altogether different from those your parents ran up against. You have less time, more resources to choose from, daily challenges that are ever-present and always evolving – not to mention an increasingly connected, boundary-less world, and a future we can barely predict.

Well & Ready™ helps you develop children that can thrive in that new, evolving world and brings parenting into the modern day by taking the latest research on well-being, child development, and sociological trends and delivering it all to you in an easy-to-use approach that helps you figure out and focus on YOUR parenting goals, and gives you the skills and simple ‘Practices That Pay Off’ that will get you there –saving you time, decreasing stress, and bringing the joy back to your parenting journey.

Well & Ready™ helps parents:

  • Cut through the clutter of information and translates the latest research on child development into easily actionable practices that you can build into your daily life.
  • Learn simple daily actions with Practices That Pay Off©:
    • Develop a strong, lasting connection with your child
    • Decrease tantrums and increase cooperative behaviors
    • Prepare for the next stage so you can anticipate and be ready for the normal ebbs and flows as they come
    • Become a mindful and deliberate parent
    • Move from being a reactive parent to being a proactive parent
    • Learn how to care for both your needs and your kids’ needs
    • Increase the ability to create joy-filled family life
  • Personalize & simplify the parenting journey with a process through which you develop your unique parenting manual.   This helps you:
    • Be thoughtful and proactive
    • Learn the skills you need
    • Apply simple practices that work for your family
    • Grow thriving kids into thriving adults

Stop flying by the seat of your (parenting) pants! The Well & Ready™ approach helps you focus on what matters most, cut through the clutter and confusion, and learn the skills you need to grow a thriving kid.

Relax and enjoy the ride.

We believe our kids are the future.  

We believe the future is brighter if we have more thriving young adults.  

We hope you’ll become Well & Ready™ today, and invite your friends to do the same. Together, it’s the GIFT we’ll give our kids and the world.  Join us.

Sarah & Susan

Co-Founders, Well & Ready™