Practices That Pay Off

Practicing Mindfulness & Being Present

intention blockPause & 3 Deep Breaths

It’s human nature to want to connect with others and especially with our children. It is also natural to want to provide feedback to our kids (maybe all too often!)

When our kids’ behavior is less than optimal, it’s easy to simply react – sometimes harshly – to correct their behavior. We often overlook the importance of connecting before responding.  When we take time to connect with our kids, even for a moment, express compassion for their feelings and help them feel understood, they are much more open to our suggestions.  


  • The next time your child is having a tough time, and you have the urge to correct them — take 3 big, deep breaths (which immediately lowers your blood pressure and heart rate) and calm yourself down so you can connect with your child before you try to address, or “correct” their behavior.

The Body Scan Mindful Break

The greatest gift you can give to yourself and your kids is to be present. Parents are required to attend to many various stressful, emotional and challenging tasks, that centering ourselves is one of the best ways to focus the mind, and pull ourselves into the present moment.


  • Find a peaceful spot to lie down, sit or walk
  • Take a few deep breaths in and out. Let your whole body relax. Notice every inch of your body and how it feels.
  • Start with your feet and work your way to your finger-tips and the top of your head.
    • What sensations do you feel?
    • Are they loud or are they soft?
  • As you move to each body part, let go of each loud sensation and release it.
  • If your mind wanders,  gently bring yourself back to your body.
  • Once you have tuned into each part of your body and focused on easing up the tense spots you will feel lighter and be able to be more intentional  deliberate and present in the moment.

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