dsc_0345-2OUR MISSION: 

To provide a proactive approach to parenting that readies new moms and dads for the journey ahead and empowers them to raise adults that will thrive in the future. 

For many new parents, raising a child can be simultaneously magical and terrifying. With so many unexpected challenges and obstacles, you can easily find yourself in a reactive mode that prevents you from paving a clear, deliberate path forward.

Well & Ready™ was founded on the idea that this doesn’t have to be the case—that with the right approach, you can reduce stress and be more prepared for whatever comes your way.

Our proactive, positive and focused approach to modern parenting helps you do just that. And our systems, tools and resources make it easy to adopt this new approach in your day-to-day life, helping you save time and maintain your sanity!



When we first set out to un-muddy the parenting waters, we asked hundreds of parents how they defined their roles. And we got widely varied responses. So we asked ourselves, is there such a thing as a universal parenting job description?

It turns out, yes and no.

We found that though it’s impossible to establish a definitive set of parameters, it’s critical to recognize the common thread: regardless of situation, condition or age, parents and children are always learning. And as parents, we’re tasked with constantly guiding our children toward a state of wellness that prepares them for whatever life has in store.

And voilà! Well & Ready™ was born.

Who Are We?

dsc_0415_editedSarah Porter-Braun is a mother of two (ages 10 and 12), an entrepreneur and a former online learning, educational technology, learning community and marketing executive. Prompted by her own parenting challenges, Sarah shifted her focus from helping adults excel professionally to helping them excel as parents.

She’s spent the last six years researching, wrestling with and reconciling vast amounts of confusing, conflicting parenting data to raise healthy, happy kids. In the process, she’s identified common truths that underlie healthy growth and long-term parenting success.

Before co-founding Well & ReadyTM, Sarah co-founded Lemonade Lessons and built several online learning programs including The Grounded Child, which helps parents understand and build confidence in their children.

Sarah is a graduate of Whitman College and Columbia Business School. She lives in Boston with her husband, Lee, two children and dog, Otis.

susan_bioSusan Callahan worked in business development, sales and marketing for 25 years before devoting the last decade to parenting research. She’s the co-author of Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too, for which she interviewed over 600 parents across the U.S. to uncover the most valuable wellness practices.

She’s also the co-founder of Every Day Matters, a series of parenting workshops that help schools and corporations navigate difficult teen topics

Susan has appeared on The Today Show, Fox News, WHGH, NECN, Martha Stewart Radio and several other national media outlets. She holds a BA in English and Art History from Denison University and lives in Wellesley, MA with her husband Topher and their four children (ages 14 through 20).