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The Path Ahead

How often have you heard from parents with older children say, “Oh boy, they grow up so fast!” It may not seem so when you’re mired in diapers or chasing a two-year old, but the universal experience of parenting is that the older a child gets the faster time speeds by.

Staying Sane as a Parent: How Mindfulness Can Help

When we’re hustling to get a child out the door and make it to the bus stop on time, or watching in horror as our toddler throws a tantrum in the aisles of the grocery store, it can be hard to be the chill, measured parent we hoped we would be.  When an older kid breaks curfew, or fails a class, or struggles to make friends, we lie awake at night fretting for hours, because we know there is no easy solution.

Raising a Secure Baby to Become a Secure Adult

Your baby boy gazes at you adoringly, breaks into a smile that reveals his toothless gums and laughs out loud—he has a sense of humor! He is so smart! He’s responding to my face, you think —and then he farts.  Your baby girl is gloriously happy wiggling her arms and legs around frantically – she looks so content and happy–… and then she begins to shriek—is she scared? is something hurting her? is she just bored?

Focus on the Future

Metal skin consultant. Cloud controller. Bioinformationist. These aren’t names of bands you’ve never heard of or science fiction novel titles. They’re the jobs of the future. And if they sound totally alien, it’s because—for us—they are. “65% of children entering primary schools today will ultimately work in new job types and functions that currently don’t yet exist.” – McLeod, Scott and Karl Fisch, “Shift Happensz

Well & Ready, Set…Go!

And just like that, you’re a parent. Nothing could be more exciting, joyful and—if we’re being honest—terrifying. To varying degrees, ALL new parents feel that way. We certainly did. Think about it: You’re taking on what is arguably the single most important role of your whole life. And you’re doing it with zero experience.