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Well & Ready Coaching

Ever feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to parenting?  Sort of reacting to each situation, and hoping that it’ll all work out in the end?  If so, that’s normal.  After all, the only “training” one typically gets for parenting is the example your parents set for you, supported only by the brief hospital class or doula that taught you how to breathe, and if you were lucky, how to swaddle a squirmy newborn. If you’d like to be more confident in your parenting, learn the skills you need to create the family life you’d like, and reach your long-term parenting goals, then Well & Ready™ Parent Coaching can help you. Advertisements

Practices That Pay Off

The Well & Read Practices That Pay Off© are simple, research-tested practices that you can incorporate into your busy life for maximum impact, improving your well-being, your parenting approach, and your child’s healthy development.  We break them down into five categories that define a Well & Ready™ life: Preview some of our Practices that Pay Off© below: