Parenting Playbook

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to anticipate and prepare for the developmental stages your child goes through?

Today, most parents react to reality rather than prepare for it. Our child does something, and we react—then we wonder whether our reaction was too harsh or too soft, and whether we’ll get the outcome we want. We often forget to think long term. Sound familiar? Yes, we agonize because we want to get it right!

That’s why we developed the Well & Ready Parenting Playbook ©.

Your personalized Parenting Playbook© helps you:

  • Take a proactive approach to parenting
  • Incorporate science-based practices into your parenting approach
  • Focus on what matters most at each stage of development
  • Grow as a parent from pregnancy to college and beyond
  • Incorporate the principles of positive psychology to reach your parenting goals
  • Clarify and incorporate your unique values and goals into your parenting approach

The Foundation Experience (Beta)

Building your unique Parenting Playbook© starts with developing your parenting foundation. Your foundation is formed through a six-week, guided learning experience through which you learn about…

  1. The future for which you are preparing your child and the traits and skills s/he will need to thrive
  2. Your family values and goals
  3. Your parenting styles
  4. The “secret sauce” for raising happy, healthy kids
  5. Self-care and your parallel path
  6. The seven developmental stages through which your child will grow, between birth and when s/he graduates from college or gets that first job

This interactive experience includes a series of multi-media elements, analytical tools, assessments, reflection and discussion guides, and Playbook Sheets in addition to a private online community of parents just like you.

Be the first to build your personalized Parenting Foundation!  The pilot program starts on April 12 and seats are limited.

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